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Having your customers pay for what you offer to them makes a successful business. So to identify whether or not you possess the right systems for your payments, then the help of a professional is a must. By ensuring this, you can not only secure your payments, but you can also guarantee that you will track your profit. Thus, we at Nuivo Group, we specialize in making sure that your payment processing operations are seamless and effective for your business’ needs.

Our team of professionals specializes in the following:

  • POS (point of sale)
  • Media Development
  • Medical/Health Products
  • Technology Services
  • And much more


Nuivo values nothing more than customer satisfaction. Thus, we make it a point to assist you anytime you need our expertise. Our team of representatives are always on standby to answer your questions about our products and services.


Chargeback happens when merchants don’t have EMV technology or when their technology fails to respond properly. Thus, at Nuivo Group, we will help you minimize charge backs by providing you with the right equipment and systems to help notify you when issues arise.


All of our Clover® devices are PCI-compliant. This is to ensure that transaction information is processed and stored securely.


If you are leasing credit card machines, there is a high chance that you will continue to be charged for them until the equipment is returned. To make things convenient for you, we will return your old equipment for you, so you can focus on running your business.

Nuivo Group’s legal team will help you to cancel your accounts, terminate equipment leases, and get you out of contracts that are restrictive and have unwarranted rate hikes.


Here at Nuivo Group, our guarantee for all customers is that they will pay less with our payment processing services compared to other experts.

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